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We are adding an additional program to our morning class!  Children will be given the opportunity to learn Mandarin in our Reggio Emilia Inspired Classrooms. The Mandarin program will teach children numbers, days of the week, and basic vocabulary in Mandarin using the Reggio Emilia approach throughout the school year.  There are no additional charges for families who wish to participate in the Mandarin program.

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Welcome to Caterpillar Preschool  

At Caterpillar Preschool we strive to provide a program that offers diverse experiences in a safe environment with enjoyment and inspirations.  We believe that children learn best when the curriculum is created reflecting the child’s interest and knowledge while extending their learning.  Children are exposed to opportunities for social and emotional learning by working together with their peers and develop social competency which is critical to long term success in education and in life.

"We think of a school for young children as an integral living organism, as a place of shared lives and relationships among many adults and very many children".
It has also been important to us that our living system of schooling expands toward the world of the families, with their right to know and to participate. And then it expands toward the city, with its own life, its own patterns of development, its own institutions, as we have asked the city to adopt the children as bearers and beneficiaries of their own specific rights. (Edwards et al., 1998, pp. 62, 63)"
  Loris Malaguzzi / Founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach


We believe learning through play creates a variety of experiences which support cognitive, physical, emotional and social growth of the child.  At Caterpillar Preschool, children learn actively through investigation, experimentation and play with inspiring materials; they learn to be independent and to work co-operatively with others; and most importantly, they learn to understand themselves and their emotions to become socially competent members of society.

Teacher’s Role

Teachers and children work together as collaborators.  When teachers set up a classroom, ‘the Atelier’, a workshop environment is created with various activities which are called invitations that are inviting and interesting. These are used to provoke discussion and questions between the children and the teachers; in this way the children are supported on their learning journeys.  Teachers are researchers and co-learners. Through constant observations teachers are able to deconstruct, to find out what the children already know, what they are learning and what they wish to know more about. This helps the teachers to further their learning in different ways, such as painting, drawing, clay representation, drama, music and many more up to a hundred as ‘the hundred languages of children’ mentioned. Through group and one-to-one discussions, teachers and children revisit documentations in forms of conversations, photos and videos; both, teachers and children create their learning concepts which will support their future learning in life.

The Space

The environment is the third teacher in Reggio Emilia schools.  Our Atelier, the big room and our Light room, the small room, both are filled with diverse materials for children to explore; we also have a Nature garden and an outdoor playground to enhance our curriculum.  When children and teachers set sail to their journey of learning, documentations panels are displayed to share the learning process with families.